Manufacturers and
Processors of:

i Rubberised Hessian Cloth,
i Rubberised Fabrics,
i Hospital Sheetings,
i Air Pilows,
i Rain Coats,
i School Bags and Ground Sheets.

1. Fire Retarding Neoprene Rubber / Natural Rubber Coating On Glass Fibre Fabrics: Glass Fiber fabrics coated with Neoprene is the unique combination of high strength and fire retarding, it does not shrink or stretch even if it is exposed to high or low temperature.

Uses / Application:

1. For indoor partition wall, Train compartment.
2. Heat insulation for wall and roof of house to save energy.
3. For cool-making and high buildings required to be fireproof, heat resistant and sound insulating.

Thickness: 0.80 MM to 2.5 MM.
90 cm. or as per requirement upto 130 cm.
Common Names:
Fire Retarding Neoprene Rubber / Natural Rubber Coating on Glass Wool Fabrics.
Packing: 20 to 30 Meters Rolls.

2. Rubberised Hessian Cloth:?Hessian bags and Hessian cloths are produced from jute. It is a natural fibre, coated with natural rubber and therefore biodegradable.  This makes it a very environmentally friendly products.

Uses / Applications
1. A tough and reusable biodegradable packaging material.?
2. Will not absorb moisture from the pack contents
3. Traditional appearance for special applications.
4. Can be used as carrying Bags.

Width:- 90 cm. To 130 cm.
Common Names: Rubberised Jute Cloth
Packing:- 20 to 30 Meters Rolls.
Colour And Thickness as per requirement.

Also available in Food Grade Quality.

3. Hospital Sheetings:?Bright Coloured, high quality flexible fabric both side laminated with natural rubber compound to make it waterproof , eco friendly and biodegradable.

To protect the bed, widely used in Hospital Bed. May also be used as an Apron.

0.40 MM to 0.75 MM.
Width :- 90 cm. or as per requirement upto 130 cm.
Common Names:- Mackintosh Sheetings , Hospital Sheets, Rubber Cloth.
Packing:- Each roll packed in 10 Meter or 25 to 30 Meter Roll.

Also available in Food Grade Quality.

4. Viton Rubber Sheet: Produce with high quality viton rubber material, having characteristics like high temperature resistant, oil resistant, chemical resistant etc. 

Uses / Application:

1.   Act as an oil proof.
2.   It acts as a high temperature and oil resistance.
3.   It also helps in chemical resistance.
4.   Used in gasket making, roll covers.

Thickness:- 0.20 MM to 4 MM.
Width:- 90 cm or as per requirement upto 130 cm.
Packing:- 20 to 30 Meters Roll.

5. SBR Coated Shiny Rubber Fabrics: This coating is been done on cotton, satin, polyester cloth.
The rubber surface of this is very smooth, shiny which gives it an elegant look.

Uses / Application:
1.  Soft, smooth, shiny fabric.
2.  It is waterproof / water resistant material can be use as raincoat.
3. It’s made of pure fabrics it has good characteristics of tearing and tensile strength.
4.  It’s more fashionable because of its shiny appearance.

Thickness:- 0.30 MM to 0.70 MM.
Width:- 122 cm or as per requirement upto 130 cm.
Colour:- Use mostly in Black or as per your requirement.
Packing:- 20 to 30 Meters Roll.

6. Pure Rubber Sheets: Pure Rubber Sheet is made by pure natural rubber which make it waterproof, eco-friendly and biodegradable. It is soft and smooth.

Uses:- To protect the bed from baby litter, widely used in Hospital Bed.

Thickness:-0.35 MM to 0.45 MM.
Width :- 90 cm. or as per requirement upto 130 cm.
Colour:- Red , Yellow, Green, Blue and various attractive prints.
Packing:- 1 Meter in PVC Bags or 10 Meter Roll.

Also available in Food Grade Quality.

7. Baby Mat:?The cloth is laminated with high quality rubber compound on one side of the printed cloth which make it waterproof.

The key of this baby mat is protects the bed to get spoil from baby's litter.

122 cm.
Colour:- Printed with assorted colours.
Packing:- 1 Meter in PVC Bags or 30 to 50 Meter Roll.

Also available in Food Grade Quality.

8. Air Pillow:- Inflated Air Pillow fabricated from cotton / polyster printed / coloured fabrics being impregnated with rubber compound having fabric surface at the top for elegant look and comfort.

Plain Khaki , Bi-Color and various attractive prints.
Character:- 100% leak proof.
Uses:- Travel Pillow For Comfort & Sound Sleep, Handy Portable, it is puffed to use, so fit for travel use. Hygienic quality.
58 cm X 35 cm
Packing:- 10 Dozens.

Also available in Food Grade Quality.

9. Rubberised Fabrics: Such rubberised fabrics are widely used to manufacture school bags, traveling bags, raincoats, ground sheets of different sizes and colors. The best quality raw materials are used in manufacturing these fabrics in Double Texture and Single Texture. It is available in different colors, textures and thickness as per requirement.

10. Ground Sheets: A ground sheet is an impermeable barrier designed to prevent ingress of moisture from the ground. Ground Sheets are used by many people who go for camping and mainly act as a water proof layer underneath. It is Double Textured waterproof with high quality rubber compound. Ground sheets are also nice to have in cases where pitching a tent is not necessary.
Size:- 106 cm X 182 cm. All Four sides are stitched with adhesive solution tape with aluminum eye-lets punched.
Colour:- As per requirement.

11. Rain Coat: A raincoat with cap is a waterproof or water-resistant coat worn to protect the body from rain. The term rain jacket is sometimes used to refer to raincoats that are waist length. A rain jacket may be combined with a pair of rain pants to make a rain suit.

Rain Suit will also be available in Trouser and Jacket, it is used by the two wheelers drivers.

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